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Our genes make us who we’re, however did you know they can additionally provide invaluable insights into our well being history? Yep, by getting a gene testing service at the Preventive Genomics and Integrative Medicine Center of Bumrungrad International Hospital, we are in a position to gain a deeper understanding of our health and risk for sicknesses. This exceptional development in drugs really takes the previous saying “prevention is better than cure” on a wholly new that means. It might be the necessary thing to unlocking a healthier and happier future. But what exactly is it? And how can it help you?
If you’ve at all times dreamed of a world where illness is prevented earlier than it even takes root, then let us guide you through the magical world of preventive genomics at Bumrungrad International Hospital and present you how it might help you are taking control of your well being and future.

Preventive genomics is a captivating area of medication that uses genetic information to foretell and even prevent future sicknesses. Through genetic testing, docs can analyze your cells or tissues to establish modifications in your DNA. The samples may be taken from a selection of sources, together with blood, cheek swabs, hair, pores and skin, saliva, or even amniotic fluid for pregnant ladies.
Bumrungrad International Hospital’s Preventive Genomics and Integrative Medicine Center offers convenient choices for sample assortment. You can either have the samples taken at the hospital or do it from the comfort of your personal residence. Skilled medical geneticists will analyze the samples in the lab and provide counselling classes to debate the results.
The results can provide valuable insights into your health risks and allow you to identify in case you are at a better threat for sure illnesses, such as cancers, coronary heart illness, and other health issues. And as Dr Polakit Teekakirikul, the medical geneticist at Bumrungrad International Hospital, explains, a comprehensive take a look at could only have to be accomplished once in a lifetime as our DNA stays unchanged. Additionally, results could be saved at the hospital for future reference.
So what are the advantages of genetic testing? Well, think of it like a crystal ball that can predict your future well being dangers. This may sound like something out of a fairytale, however with the help of genetic testing, we can identify potential health dangers before they even manifest.
Now, we know what you might be considering, “But won’t knowing my health risks just trigger more stress and anxiety?” It’s true that information could be scary, but because the saying goes, it’s also energy. Here’s the way it can help you:
By understanding your health dangers, you also can make proactive life-style modifications to forestall the onset of significant diseases. Armed with this data, you presumably can take steps to guard your health and well-being for years to return.
According to Asst. Prof. Dr. Polakit Teekakirikul, Cardiologist & Medical Geneticist Preventive Genomics and Integrative Medicine, by using genetic testing, doctors can identify sufferers who’re at the next danger for drug allergy symptoms or unfavorable reactions and may make informed decisions about which medications to prescribe, as well as the appropriate dosage. This information may help ensure that sufferers obtain the simplest and protected treatment while lowering the risk of doubtless dangerous unwanted effects.
In addition, genetic testing can also present insight into how a patient’s body is likely to reply to certain medications. This might help doctors determine the optimum dosage and duration of therapy, in addition to establish potential interactions with other medications the affected person could additionally be taking.
Asst. Prof. Dr. Polakit Teekakirikul additionally explained that genetic testing can present insights into the danger of inheriting certain genetic diseases and conditions, which may be passed down from generation to era. By figuring out these potential dangers, individuals and couples can make informed household planning decisions and take appropriate steps to handle these risks.
For instance, if a genetic check reveals a high danger of passing down a genetic illness, potential parents can contemplate choices such as genetic counselling, preimplantation genetic prognosis (PGD), or adoption. This data might help individuals and couples make decisions that can doubtlessly stop or manage genetic illnesses in future generations.
In the previous, genetic testing was solely out there to people with symptoms or a robust household history of the illness. However, instances have modified, and now genetic testing is accessible to everyone who needs to foretell the risk of developing a illness and take proactive measures to stop it. Whether you could have a private concern for your well being or a household history of inherited illnesses, genetic testing can provide invaluable insights.
If you’re seeking to lead a healthy life, genetic testing is a tool that you want to undoubtedly consider. With the knowledge gained from genetic testing, you possibly can tailor your food plan, train routine, and total way of life to suit your distinctive genetic makeup. Moreover, as defined before, genetic testing can be great for individuals who are contemplating starting a family.
You can actually just show up at Bumrungrad International Hospital and do it right away. However, it’s really helpful to make a reservation with the hospital prematurely. This allows for correct preparation, including a pre-test genetic counselling session with a health care provider to debate expectations, benefits, limitations, and potential execs and cons. Fasting could additionally be required when you choose saliva testing. But if Covert ’re okay with different pattern collection strategies like a blood draw, testing could be accomplished right away. Results sometimes turn out to be out there within three to 4 weeks.
Preventive genomics offers the beauty of providing clear scenarios. If the results are adverse, it’s great information and can give you peace of mind. You can proceed to take acceptable measures to maintain up good health and easily concentrate on regular checkups.
However, if the outcomes are constructive, indicating that you have a genetic mutation and a threat of certain illnesses, it might be a little overwhelming. But don’t worry! The skilled docs at Bumrungrad International Hospital will work with you to develop actionable plans. This would possibly include common monitoring or taking medicines to forestall the onset of the disease. They’ll allow you to by way of the process and supply assist with each step of the method in which.
For these contemplating family planning, genetic testing can be particularly useful. If there are potential dangers that would hurt your future child, they’ll refer you to an OB/GYN to discuss choices like in vitro fertilization and preimplantation genetic testing. This method, you’ll have the ability to ensure that your future family is joyful and wholesome. For these considering family planning, genetic testing may be especially helpful. If there are potential risks that could hurt your future baby, we are ready to refer you to an OB/GYN to discuss options like in vitro fertilization and preimplantation genetic testing. This method, you probably can ensure that your future household is happy and healthy.
At Bumrungrad International Hospital, they provide the most complete gene testing companies in all of Thailand! As the one hospital in the country to offer this cutting-edge gene testing service, Bumrungrad International Hospital Thailand offers a complete array of genetic testing to assess the chance of various illnesses. These embrace:
In short, preventative genomics is the future of healthcare. It’s a software that may assist us stop health issues earlier than they even come up. And with somewhat bit of data and care, we will blossom right into a more healthy and happier version of ourselves. So, don’t wait till it’s too late! Take advantage of the gene testing companies of Bumrungrad International Hospital, Thailand and start taking management of your well being today!
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