Statistical lottery results revealed: Check out past June 1 winning numbers

Lottery enthusiasts in Thailand are gearing up for yet one more thrilling draw on Thursday, June 1, with many eager to analyse the profitable numbers over the previous 10 years. These keen-eyed lottery buffs are using historical data to provide insight into the most regularly drawn numbers and use them to guess the upcoming Lottery draw.
Looking back at June 1 attracts over the past 10 years, numerous mixtures of numbers have emerged as winners.
On June 1, 2022, the top prize-winning quantity was 319196, whereas the three-digit prefixes and suffixes had been 817, 679 and 213, 652 respectively. The profitable two-digit quantity was 02.
In the June 1 draw of 2021, the large prize went to 292972, with the three-digit mixtures of 620, 193 and 723, 978. The two-digit winner was forty five.
Going back to June 1st, 2020, the top prize was gained by 831567 with successful three-digit combinations 489, 264 and 562, 582. The winning two-digit number for this draw was 24.
For the June 1 attract 2019, the first winner was 516461 with the 3-digit quantity mixtures of 589, 713 and 215, 560. The two-digit winner for this lottery draw was forty six.
In 2018, on the identical date, lottery number 988117 secured the top prize, accompanied by three-digit combos 553, 310 and 248, 650. The two-digit winner was 95.
Rewinding to the June 1 draw of 2017, number 053630 emerged as the winner with three-digit prefixes and suffixes of 121, 218 and 881, 581. The two-digit winner in this draw was sixty one.
For the June 1, 2016 draw, the winner was 511825 with winning three-digit number combos of 775, 111 and 937, 880. The two-digit prize was claimed by the quantity 14.
In Fortune , 2015 draw, 388881 held the winning ticket, with 314, seven-hundred, 876, and 969 because the successful three-digit combinations. The two-digit winner for this lottery draw was 65.
Moving back to 2014’s June 1 draw, number 781198 gained the top prize alongside the profitable three-digit mixtures of a hundred and sixty, 324, 409, and 636. The profitable two-digit number was 18.
Lastly, within the June 1, 2013 draw, the jackpot went to 935489, coupled with winning three-digit mixtures 480, 713, 716 and 768. The two-digit prize was won by the number ninety..

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