During the final version of the Drinktec trade honest, held in Munich on September 12-16, INOXPA showcased the new operating demo RV centrifugal pump, which recirculated water containing solids in suspension (strawberries and grapes).
The tools was one of many brand’s main sights during this world main trade honest for the beverage and liquid meals trade.
The RV is a high performance, helicoidal impeller centrifugal pump. Simple is the best solution for pumping liquids with excessive content material of solids in suspension (up to 60%) that are virtually unimaginable to pump using a traditional centrifugal pump without damaging them.
The helicoidal design of its impeller enables more delicate pumping and prevents clogging. It is appropriate for pumping pieces of fruit or complete fruits, olives, mushrooms, segments of orange, strawberries, raspberries, vegetables, fish, etc. Solids up to 75mm in diameter can be pumped with out being broken.
The impeller and pump casing were designed and optimised utilizing CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) instruments to realize a hydraulic performance of 70%. This means it uses less electrical energy and little or no warmth is transferred to the fluid.
Furthermore, the materials that come into contact with the product for pumping comply with FDA pointers and the CE-1935/2004 regulation, so it is appropriate to be used in the food industry.

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