Pickup truck collision leads to electrifying deadly accident in Chon Buri

A deadly accident occurred in Chon Buri when a pickup truck collided with a parked bus and electrocution ensued because of the influence on a high-voltage electrical submit, inflicting three sections to snap. The driver of the pickup misplaced his life, alongside with his severed leg which was discovered close by.
Sub-lieutenant Mongkol Siriwech, Deputy Investigation Officer of Saen Suk Police Station, acquired the report on the fatal accident at 5am at present. The accident occurred on Khao Lam Road, near the fish market curve in direction of Bang Saen, in Saen Suk, Chon Buri. As the news was relayed, emergency items from Tai Kunatham Foundation have been dispatched.
The scene of the deadly accident displayed a bronze Nissan Navara, license plate ผผ 5139 Chon Buri, the pickup in query, which was wrecked past recognition. Within the remnants of the vehicle, rescuers discovered the lifeless body of the 64 yr old driver, Solod. His leg had been severed by the drive of the crash. It took the rescue group over 20 minutes to extract Solod’s body utilizing specialist tools.
A Mercedes Benz bus, white and blue, with the registration 30-0828 Chon Buri, carrying manufacturing facility staff was found on the scene. Its rearmost end badly broken. Subsequently, three broken high-voltage lighting posts have been also sighted, reported KhaoSod.
Thanychanok, the deceased driver’s daughter, arrived at the scene and defined her father had simply left residence to pick up her mother for their routine morning market visit. The 34 yr old was confused as to how the fatal accident occurred because her father hardly ever travelled removed from home.
The bus driver, Somdet, claimed he had parked the bus on the side of the highway while waiting to pick up staff. He heard a loud noise as if autos were racing earlier than his bus collided with him severely. Startled, he fell off his seat. When he stepped out to analyze, he discovered the pickup truck crashed into his car and the electrical energy posts snapped with the electric sparks flashing. He instantly alerted the rescue staff for assist.
Chalermchai Kaewlek, a member of the emergency rescue group, reported the sufferer confirmed no pulse or sign of life when he arrived. He used rescue instruments to extract the victim’s body but noticed the severed leg. Model took round 20 minutes to find the missing limb..

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