Once bitten… English financial advisor who took chunk out of Thai investors

Foreign monetary “advisors” have been defrauding the country’s ex-pats for decades. Does seeing the arrest of Briton Mark Kirkham mean that the Thai financial police are finally catching up with them? Probably not, and why would you count on them to?
Kirkham, according to financial blogger Andrew Drummond, looked every inch the upstanding member of the group on his arrest at a Bangkok airport. Unfortunately, this is identical Kirkham who is accused of ripping off clients to the tune of 40 million baht, more or less 1,000,000 bucks.
Kirkham and his firm had been to be prosecuted in 2016 for operating a securities business in Thailand with out registration, however by some means that never happened.
An arrest warrant was issued by Bangkok South Criminal Court on Dec 22, 2021, for comparable offences in violation of Section ninety of the Securities and Exchange Act, in accordance with stories the Bangkok Post.
Back in 2016 it was international investors who complained. This time the buyers are Thai, who, no doubt know the easiest way to spur law enforcement into motion.
Genuine , who was as quickly as given a three-month suspended sentence for biting a police officer, operated Platinum Financial Services International – respected sounding institution if ever there was one – along with Wood. The firm is now closed, however the website lingers. Kirkham is in a cell on the Economic Crimes Division..

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