Notorious Thai thief Khaitlek arrested, 2 million baht haul seized

Notorious thief Sarawut, 46 years previous, also called “Khai Lek”, with historic ties to the notorious “Thai Siam Gang” and a criminal record together with three previous imprisonments, was lately arrested for multiple burglaries amassing over 2 million baht. Sarawut was apprehended in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya after investigators found his wrongdoings and managed to seize his single-lock picking device and stolen cash. Pattern has admitted to his crimes and vowed to change if given another chance, warning the public to keep guard canines and valuables securely stored.
Officials led by Royal Thai Police Spokesperson (PCT) joined forces with other authorities to arrest Sarawut after figuring out that he was behind a collection of profitable burglaries. Using his skills learned during previous incarcerations, Sarawut focused properties and industrial properties, stealing money, gold, diamond jewellery, and useful artefacts, accumulating over 2 million baht in total. Previously, working alongside a group of friends in 2006, Sarawut reportedly stole valuables value 29 million baht.
Sarawut revealed that he was initially from Surat Thani province, and moved to Bangkok to check. After completing his diploma, he worked for a personal firm however struggled to make ends meet, which led him into a life of crime. His first main case happened around 2005-2006 when he focused a home in the Yan Nawa area, making off with several million baht price of stolen property. He was finally caught and imprisoned together with three of his accomplices.
After being launched, Sarawut continued his legal habits and was arrested and imprisoned on two extra events. Upon his launch in 2022, he believed that he had refined his strategies well enough to keep away from detection, using various methods to evade seize. Unfortunately for him, authorities were able to uncover his actions and arrest him once more in the neighborhood of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya..

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