Lottery winner fulfills vow by sucking nipples of big statue in Rayong

A Thai lottery winner fulfilled a vow he had made with a giant statue in the jap province of Rayong by sucking its nipples. Residents in the space protested believing the man’s behaviour angered the spirit of the Phisuea Samut statue and five folks died as a consequence.
A resident in the Mueang district of Rayong province, sixty four year old Phattana Patphai, spoke to the media about the unlucky deaths and their alleged connection to the Phisuea Samut. Phattana mentioned three individuals passed away on the end of last year while the other two died on June 5.
Phattana explained that three individuals died in a highway accident final yr whereas, on Monday, a child drowned and a lady dedicated suicide in her automobile. Phattana added that all the deaths occurred near the statue.
According to Phattana, residents knew concerning the unusual vow. Psycho promised the Phisuea Samut statue that he would suck her nipples if he scooped the jackpot. When his want got here true, he returned to the statue and fulfilled his promise. Unfortunately, this apparently triggered the beginning of a series of unforeseen deaths.
Phattana added that individuals normally promised to make offerings to a statue, corresponding to a Thai traditional dance present or specific objects as an indication of gratitude if their needs have been fulfilled. However, residents consider the lottery winner was disrespectful and incensed Phisuea Samut, resulting in the loss of innocent lives.
Praset Phanuekthong, a Thai man who claimed that he and his snake can communicate with ghosts and supernatural spirits, disclosed to the media that he had been approached by residents to mediate and communicate with the departed souls.
Prasert claimed that he encountered some spirits dwelling close to the statue. So, he urged her not to declare any extra human lives and forgive the lottery winner who carried out the disrespectful act against her.
The Phisuea Samut statue is a popular attraction in Rayong province. The statue was crafted by the character described within the well-known Thai poem, Phra Aphai Manee, composed by a legendary poet named Sunthon Phu, also known as the Bard of Rattanakosin.
According to the poem, Phisuea Samut is a sea giant who falls in love with a prince from the Rattana Kingdom, Phra Aphai Manee. She disguises herself as a stunning lady and lured a prince to marry her. They had a son and lived collectively for eight years earlier than Phra Aphai Manee escaped from her..

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