Hungry monkeys overrun Isaan city, raiding homes and roaming in roads

Hungry monkeys have been inflicting problems for residents within the northeastern province Amnat Charoen. Not lots of, however hundreds of monkeys have moved from a close-by forest to the residential area seeking food, many raiding houses and roaming into the roads, some getting hit by oncoming cars.
Residents in the Pana district shared with Thai media that around 2,000 to 3,000 monkeys from the Don Chao Puta Forest Park came into city on the lookout for food. Natural food sources in the forest had been scarce because of the hot climate and never enough food was supplied on the temples in the park.
The monkeys travelled into city in six different groups with 300 to four hundred monkeys in each group. The monkeys raided homes, hospitals, and schools looking for meals. Many additionally roamed into the highway and reviews say that monkeys are hit by vehicles almost every day.
Residents have requested native authorities to unravel the problem. Save say they wish to see a street signal put up to alert drivers to reduce back their speed and watch out for the monkeys. Some residents additionally say that extra food must be provided to the monkeys to keep them from raiding homes..

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