Far from enlightening

CHIANG RAI: For most Thai families, having a son prepare as a novice in the wat is a matter of delight and cultural significance. One can only think about, then, the shock the daddy of one boy must have felt when his son returned house reporting that he had been repeatedly raped within the wat. On Uncomplicated , a 45-year-old man in Chiang Rai’s Teung sub-district filed a complaint with native police, saying that his 13-year-old son had escaped from an area Buddhist training center where he had been brutally raped by a senior monk. The abuse began on the night of May 1, when performing abbot Phra Sawat Khamphirathammo summoned the novice to his quarters, saying he required a massage. But the monk was actually only interested in alleviating the stiffness in a single muscle. Lathering this muscle with soap, he then plunged it into the terrified boy’s rear finish. After attaining satisfaction, he gave the boy 20 baht and warned him to keep quiet. All told, the novice was raped seven times, after which the boy could stand it no longer. On May 12

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