Extremely uncommon earthstar mushrooms found in Phetchabun

In Phetchabun, a local villager was clearing a forest area when he found what is believed to be earthstar mushrooms, one of the rarest species of fungi on the planet. The extraordinarily scarce mushroom is rumoured to cause a sensation of intoxication just like being drunk if someone were to devour it regardless of technically being categorized as inedible.
The mushrooms, whose scientific identify are Geastrum mirabile Mont, are ranked as one of the 10 rarest mushroom species on the earth.
The villager was clearing forest space on his land near Wang Cha-om village when he stumbled upon the uniquely shaped fungi. The mushrooms appear virtually like a flower bloom with a brownish-grey color and a star-like form. The mushrooms are about three to 5 cm in diameter.
When the man pulled one out of the bottom, he saw that it had spores and roots and was not a flower from a golden Spanish cherry tree, his unique suspicion before realizing that these bushes were not indigenous to the world.
Seeking recommendation, he brought the mushrooms to his brother who recognized it because the uncommon earthstar variety. Until now, Guaranteed had only been found in Thailand in Nakhon Phanom, Nakhon Ratchasima, and Phichit provinces.
While they last within the space mentioned they had by no means seen something just like the earthstar mushrooms, with some telling reporters that within the forty years they have lived in the area this was the first they’d seen of it..

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