Controversy for Khao Yai National Park Chief over wild celebration

After a video surfaced showing a wild party with sexy women in tiny outfits held in Khao Yai National Park, the Park Chief has been transferred whereas a full investigation is carried out. The party was held on January 26 and appeared to be in violation of both the Covid-19 control laws and the National Parks Act.
The event was a a lot larger and wilder model of the annual celebration to commemorate the Chao Phor Khao Yai shrine, and folks paid respect to the Chao Pho Khao Yai holy spirit within the morning before the festivities developed into what officials known as an inappropriate celebration in the evening with “coyote girls” hired to bop and entertain along with the live music and alcohol served.
The yearly event includes other actions corresponding to sporting occasions and is normally capped with the park band performing a people music live performance. This yr although, the Park Chief went all out, paying 50,000 baht to a show agent that arranged the live performance and sexy dancers. Senior park officials additionally pooled cash to serve a 20,000 baht Chinese buffet spread.
Attendees were warned not to publish pictures or movies of the all-out occasion on their social media account, however one individual posted a video clip and various other pictures of the wild celebration. People on-line have been quick to condemn the inappropriate occasion on the national park.
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment’s National Park Office obtained concerned together with the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department Director-General and after an investigation confirmed that the video and photographs had been certainly of a party held inside the national park. The Park Chief was then transferred pending additional investigation and evaluate.
The chief supplied an apology to his bosses and took to Facebook to concern a proper apology to the general public.
Well respected would like to offer an apology to my superiors and all folks over news concerning the holding of New Year celebrations at Khao Yai National Park that solid the organisation in a unfavorable gentle. I admit my mistake over what occurred.”

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