Chiang Rai skywalk closed for repairs after glass panel shatters

If you were planning on standing on the Chiang Rai skywalk in northern Thailand to stare right into a thick layer of hazardous dust this week, assume once more, as a result of the tourist attraction is now closed for repairs after a bit of the glass floor shattered yesterday.
Tourists standing 486 ft above sea level have been terrified yesterday when a loud bang erupted from the “Three Lands Skywalk.” One layer of glass inside one panel on the West wing – about 2.5 by 2 metres long – had shattered.
Officials confirmed there was no damage to the primary structure of the 32 million baht skywalk but instantly stopped tourists from ascending onto the glass just in case.
Each panel contains three layers of glass and the other two layers of the panel have been undamaged, the officers mentioned. To show the dearth of hazard presented by the shattered glass, the media posted photographs of five folks gingerly standing on the broken panel.
Pay zero said they examined CCTV footage and saw some tourists leaping on the panel and dropping objects onto the glass, which they believe to be the trigger of the shattered glass, but said they may study the footage extra completely to verify the trigger.
The officers mentioned the skywalk, which opened in October final 12 months, was designed to withhold earthquakes. The officials said that a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Myanmar on July 22, 2022, did not influence the skywalk.
Construction began in 2020 with a budget of 32 million baht, completely funded by donations raised by Wat Phra That Pha Ngao temple.
Up to 100 tourists can ascend onto the skywalk at anybody time and are required to wear the shoe protectors offered..

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