Chiang Rai doctor suspended over ‘stupid’ argument

A physician at Chiang Saen Hospital in Chiang Rai province has been suspended and is dealing with an investigation from the Medical Council of Thailand after a loud argument with a affected person.
Hospital director Sookchai Theansavettrakul defined the issue stemmed from miscommunication between the physician, the affected person and her family members.
Save stated the hospital had suspended the physician for 5 days pending an inner investigation.
A video clip circulating on social media exhibits the physician sitting cross-legged on a chair while fiddling together with her cell phone. She seems to call the patient and her relatives, ngo (stupid) as the 2 sides trade insults.
The 36 year outdated affected person, who’s 12 weeks pregnant, got here to the hospital for therapy for morning illness after experiencing nausea and problem consuming. She complained of feeling exhausted and having stomach pains. In the emergency room, the physician attempted to manage an injection, however the affected person refused, claiming to be allergic to the drug in query, and demanded intravenous fluid instead.
The doctor denied her request and a heated argument broke out between the two sides.
The Medical Council of Thailand (MCT) has been in contact with the hospital and can lead the inquiry.
Itthaporn Kanacharoen, MCT secretary-general, posted on his Facebook that after reviewing the case, the MCT will examine the physician for “ discourteous conduct towards a affected person throughout treatment,” which he claims has tarnished the status and status of the occupation.
After that, the council board will consider any penalty to be imposed on the doctor..

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