Auto repair shop allegedly pawns automobiles as an alternative of fixing them in Saraburi

An auto repair shop owner stationed out the central Thai province Saraburi, allegedly pawned vehicles that he was alleged to be fixing. Police say they’ve recovered 11 automobiles so far. Unlock had been alerted to the alleged thefts after a number of victims filed police reviews.
Saraburi City Police say the proprietor, recognized solely as Bunnam, has pawned automobiles in 3 completely different districts in the Saraburi province. Police used registration papers for the autos as evidence of their possession.
One of the victims, 33 year outdated Jakkapan considers himself one of the luckier prospects because his automotive wasn’t pawned. Jakkapan says he had gone to the restore shop for a paint job and left the automobile in the shop for 3 months. Bunnam requested 10,000 baht for the repairs, however the automotive by no means got re-painted. Later, police called Jakkapan to inform him he could gather his car from the Saraburi police station. At this level, Jakkapan realised his 10,000 baht was within the wind.
Other victims say they paid nearly 100,000 baht for paints jobs. The vehicles were neither re-painted nor returned to their house owners. Some victims say they had previously used the store and didn’t have issues. A 52 year old recognized only as Kanokporn says a pal extremely recommended the shop. Kanokporn had a unique expertise when her truck was allegedly pawned.
Kanokporn’s truck was later found abandoned in the center of a rice subject. sixty four 12 months previous Pradit used the shop a number of times, but he claimed his automotive was also ultimately pawned. Shop workers say they have no idea their boss’s current whereabouts and say he has not returned to his store in nearly a week. They additional say Bunnam has pawned 15 cars that they know of. The staff add that they’d observed their boss was spending a lot of money just lately, automobiles were beginning to go missing, and they weren’t getting paid. They claim Bunnam is heavily in debt..

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