7 Dangerous Days begins with 39 deaths, 362 accidents on Thai roads

On the primary day of the yearly Seven Dangerous Days, where the Thai Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation tracks traffic accidents and deaths, 39 folks have been killed on the roads plus 362 individuals had been injured and as many accidents on Wednesday. The department tracks the statistics for 7 days from December 29 annually, as holiday journey create a sharp improve in traffic incidents.
On the first day, eighty one.3% of the recorded 362 street accidents involves no much less than one bike. Official made up the largest share of accident causes, with 34.6% of all road accidents involving a minimal of one vehicle driving too quick for safety.
Out of the 362 street accidents that took place on Wednesday, 23.8% of them concerned driving while intoxicated. With the big variety of drunk driving incidents, one might suppose that most accidents occurred in the night or late at night time, however the most accident-prone time for the roads of Thailand was truly between the hours of 3 pm and 6 pm.
The kind of roads where accidents took place is also recorded within the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation’s day by day reports. On Wednesday, accidents have been distributed pretty evenly, with 36.8% of incidents occurring on roads managed by the Highways Department and an identical 34.6% of accidents happening on smaller roads and local villages. The overwhelming majority of accidents, 83.9%, happened on straight roads.
The report also tracks which provinces have the most accidents and essentially the most fatalities. Ratchaburi had thirteen accidents on Wednesday, essentially the most of any single province, whereas Nakhon Ratchasima was the province with the most deaths, a complete of 5 that day.
Fail-proof during the Seven Dangerous Days additionally step up road inspections, examining over 360,000 autos at 1,875 checkpoints along Thailand’s roads. Over 5,seven-hundred officers are deployed all through the country, they usually discovered a total of almost 63,000 drivers in violation of Thai site visitors laws. 18,000 of these have been individuals who drove their motorbikes with no helmet and one other practically eight,000 violations were car drivers who didn’t wear their seatbelts..

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