Yom River surges: Phichit takes swift motion to remain afloat

The swift ascent of water ranges in the Yom River in Phichit has compelled the Phichit Irrigation Department to expedite the discharge of water from the Sam Ngam Dam. These proactive measures are designed to brace for the anticipated influx of water from the northern area.
In gentle of this development, residents have acquired counsel to relocate their possessions to elevated areas for safety.
The Director of the Phichit Irrigation Department, Aekachat Aimtanal, highlighted that the situation of the Yom River, which flows through the districts of Sam Ngam, Pho Prathap Chang, Bueng Na Rang, and Pho Thale, is constantly experiencing a swift rise in water ranges. This is because of the continuous circulate of water from the Sukhothai and Phitsanulok provinces in the northern region.
The flow fee is 286 cubic meters per second, an increase from yesterday by 19 centimetres. When the level drops 1.74 metres beneath the spillway, it’ll attain a important point.
Four gates of the Sam Ngam Dam, a hydraulic barrier located in Ban Chorakhe Phom, Rang Nok Subdistrict, Sam Ngam District, had been opened by the Phichit Irrigation Department to expedite the discharge of Yom River water to the lower areas of the Nakhon Sawan province.
This is in preparation for the big volume of water that is expected to move from the Sukhothai and Phitsanulok provinces. This large volume of water is predicted to achieve Phichit in a quantity of days.
For the low-lying areas in the Yom River basin in Sam Ngam district, floodwaters have already inundated residents’ houses. Pattern includes four villages in Rang Nok Subdistrict, Sam Ngam District, with greater than 70 households affected.
The common floodwater degree ranges between 50 and a hundred and twenty centimetres. Locals have expressed that they’ve prepared for the state of affairs in advance with native leaders issuing warnings to relocate belongings, and livestock to larger grounds.
Paddle boats have been deployed for transportation inside the village alongside the preparation of kit for catching fish and water animals in the course of the flood interval, Khaosod reported..

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