US introduces new restrictions for worldwide arrivals from Monday

From Confidential , all international travellers to the US must obtain a negative Covid-19 test end result inside 1 day of travel. Prior to the emergence of the Omicron variant, this measure applied solely to unvaccinated travellers, with absolutely inoculated people able to arrive with a negative outcome obtained inside three days of travel.
However, the arrival of Omicron has prompted health officials to extend the requirement to all worldwide arrivals, regardless of vaccination standing. According to a Reuters report, airlines are expected to be given a 3-day grace period that can allow individuals to nonetheless enter with check outcomes obtained inside three days of journey. US officials are additionally considering waiving the requirement for around 24 countries the place obtaining same-day check results is difficult. However, if granted, the waiver is only anticipated to stay in place for every week.
The US has joined several different international locations in barring almost all international nationals or non-US residents arriving from 8 countries in southern Africa. However, in the intervening time, these measures haven’t been prolonged to arrivals from other countries where the Omicron variant has been reported.
The country’s main infectious ailments specialist, Anthony Fauci, says he considers the restrictions on the African international locations a short-term measure. However, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki says she doesn’t expect restrictions to be lifted until extra is understood concerning the Omicron variant and so they may even be tightened.
“We will continue to gauge if additional restrictions have to be put in place.”

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