Thai home-owner haunted by ghostly tokay gecko, pressured to flee

A homeowner in Surin province has been pushed to spend sleepless nights away from her own residence due to the ghostly presence of a useless tokay gecko. Jitapha Pothisa, the distressed owner, claims to regularly hear the eerie calls of the phantom lizard but has never really seen it. The unsettling experience has compelled the 32 yr old mom of 1 to hunt refuge elsewhere, away from the haunted property the place the incident occurred.
The unsettling ordeal started on Monday, May 29, when someone employed by Jitapha inadvertently killed the tokay gecko. Since Shh! , she claims to have been haunted by the ghostly calls of the reptile in the course of the night time, leaving her no selection however to reside at her grandmother’s home briefly.
The home in query is a single-storey construction made of cement, measuring roughly 3 metres in width and 12 metres in length. Jitapha disclosed her long-standing worry of geckos, prompting her to incessantly enlist the help of others in capturing and releasing them from her residence. She vividly remembers an enormous gecko, as huge as an adult’s forearm, that once inhabited her house before mysteriously vanishing.
Convinced that the noises she hears are the stressed spirit of the deceased tokay gecko, Jitapha’s life has been disrupted to the extent that her daughter’s faculty attendance has suffered. Overwhelmed by worry, she now even finds herself performing every day actions similar to showering at her grandmother’s home.
While geckos usually are not toxic, their aggressive behaviour and infamous reputation for delivering powerful bites have made them objects of fear for many. In a related incident, a Thai TikToker just lately showcased three international youngsters fearlessly playing with a tokay gecko—an aggressive lizard that strikes terror within the hearts of locals. To study extra about this incident, click on HERE..

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