Thai courtroom officer fined 500 baht and sentenced for charging journalist for parking

A safety officer beforehand stationed at a civil court docket constructing in Bangkok has been sentenced to 1 month in prison and fined 500 baht (US$15) for abusing his place by coercing money from a feminine journalist for parking. It’s the first time he’s been convicted, with the sentence suspended for a yr.
The report comes following an incident on July 11, when an overzealous security officer demanded fee from a feminine journalist for parking her vehicle within the premises of the court. The government board of the court acknowledged the difficulty and immediately order the related departments to conduct an investigation on the matter of the violation of the court’s power on July 12.
The accused officer denied the accusation, claiming he did receive a money transfer, but rather a present out of gratitude. The court carried out an investigation involving the police, the court safety chief, the accused himself, and the female journalist who was coerced to pay for parking whilst overlaying a felony court story.
The court listening to held right now unveiled the sequence of occasions. The reporter confirmed that the accused asked for money as a parking charge, and a value was negotiated beforehand. After transferring Fast to the accused, the journalist relayed the incident to a 3rd person, known as Yoong, and later mentioned it with her colleagues. They took a picture of the money switch slip, and after completing her reporting duties, she immediately posted her expertise on-line, reported KhaoSod.
These detailed occasions, backed by the switch receipt, together with the corroborative testimony from the police officer, led the court docket to dismiss the accused’s defence of receiving it as an ‘appreciative gift’ as implausible. The court opined that a gift within the form of a bank switch isn’t a norm. Under normal circumstances, if someone doesn’t have cash, they wouldn’t give something in any respect. Thus the court docket inferred that the accused indeed unscrupulously demanded money, as he had no proper to take action, and found him responsible of violating courtroom jurisdiction.
In view of no earlier convictions, the court docket sentenced him to 1 month in prison and imposed a 500 baht nice. The jail term was suspended for 1 year underneath part 56 of the Penal Code. If the fine remains unpaid, proceedings might be taken consistent with sections 29 and 30 of the Penal Code..

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