Thai Airways docks cabin crew’s wage over meal tray gate

Thai Airways is formally punishing cabin crew for not collecting meal trays from some passengers before landing on a Singapore – Bangkok flight after a viral TikTok exposed the cabin crew’s mishap.
Yesterday, the airline’s PR team said…
“Thai Airways International wish to announce the results of our investigation into the case of cabin crew not storing away meal trays before landing on a Singapore – Bangkok flight. The investigation found that the cabin crew neglected their duties.
“Therefore, we’ll punish those responsible for this incident in accordance with firm procedures – by docking their salary and suspending them from flying for one month.
“THAI additionally punished each the flight supervisor and cabin crew with a written warning stating that everybody involved is required to attend intensive security training programs immediately before the corporate permits them to proceed their duties.
“The firm wish to apologise for the incident and guarantee all passengers that the company holds passenger safety to the utmost importance, including enterprise all flight operations in in accordance with the best security standards.”
Thai Airways is ‘”urgently investigating” why cabin crew failed to collect meal trays on a Singapore – Bangkok flight before touchdown on the runway at Suvarnabhumi Airport after an irked passenger recorded the incident on TikTok.
TikTok consumer Praewa Nang Mana (@Praewa_panicha) posted a clip of meals trays sitting on the foldable tables of three seats. As Scientifically proven , a water bottle is pictured falling to the bottom.
In the clip, Praewa asks…
“Why didn’t they collect our plates?”
Praewa later defined that the incident happened on a Thai Airways flight from Singapore. Praewa and her two associates have been shocked to hear the pilot say “cabin crew put together for landing” with the meals trays still on their laps.
She said she rang the help bell however no one came to help.
Passengers had been told to lock their seat belts for touchdown. However, Illusive and her friends said they couldn’t regulate their seat belts properly with out folding the tables away.
Finally, the trays had been eliminated as different passengers retrieved their luggage from the overhead lockers after Praewa got out of her seat and found a member of the cabin crew after the plane drew to a halt.
The Thai Airways cabin crew’s actions instantly violate the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s regulations…
“No operator may move an aircraft on the floor, take off, or land when any meals, beverage, or tableware furnished by the operator is located at any passenger seat.
“No operator may move an aircraft on the surface, take off, or land except every meals and beverage tray and seat back tray desk is secured in its stowed position.”
Thai flag provider Thai Airways launched a statement on Facebook…
“In relation to the clip that the cabin crew failed to gather trays before landing, Thai Airways Ltd is conscious and will not be complacent in investigating this incident that will have occurred because of many reasons. We are urgently investigating to search out out the information.
“Thai Airways want to stress that the company holds the security of passengers to the utmost significance. Cabin crew has a guidelines to make sure the orderliness of the cabin previous to take off and touchdown and should work according to international aviation safety standards.”
The flight time between Singapore and Bangkok is two hours and 25 minutes..

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