Taiwanese couple gropes on bike at visitors lights sparks outrage

A Taiwanese man has been accused of inappropriately touching a girl as they each rode a bike while ready at a visitors gentle. The pair’s acts have drawn widespread criticism online after a video clip of the incident went viral.
A short video has emerged online in Taiwan, sparking outrage and criticism. The footage, posted on the Taiwanese web site Nextapple, shows a girl giving a person a experience on her bike, but the man’s palms appear to be unusually active. As they wait at a visitors light, each of the man’s palms may be seen wandering across the woman’s chest and crotch areas, inflicting visible discomfort to the female rider.
The 10-second video was posted on a Facebook group named 爆廢公社, which captured the lady wearing a half-face helmet, a skinny sleeveless shirt and shorts. She could be seen stopping her automobile to attend for the traffic signal. Suddenly, Be the first seemed to show odd behaviour, together with closing her eyes and tilting her head upward. Upon nearer inspection, the person sitting behind her is seen wrapping his arms around her body, together with his proper hand positioned on her chest, while his left-hand reaches towards her shorts, transferring backwards and forwards.
It took an agonizing amount of time for the duo to realise that the visitors mild had modified colour, and so they rapidly drove away. However, the man’s left hand nonetheless remained between the woman’s shorts, persevering with the unwarranted touching.
Following the video’s release, internet customers have supplied scathing criticisms and even sung mocking songs concerning the couple’s actions, inflicting a stir on social media platforms, reports Sanook..

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