Pattaya cannabis store worker outwits hire scammer

A deception try was recently unearthed at a hashish store located on the busy road of Pattaya Second Road. A swindler, cowardly hiding behind a masks and the guise of a landlord, tried to trick an innocent store employee into handing over a sum of 25,730 baht, claiming it to be due for store lease.
The incident came to light right now, as Rattanakorn, a 23 years outdated worker on the Sativa hashish store, retold the strange prevalence to the native press. The mysterious ruse unfolded on the evening of July 19, when an unknown middle-aged man walked into the store around 5.30pm.
Rattanakorn’s description of the imposter depicted him as a man in his mid-forties to fifties decked out in a long-sleeved chequered shirt and prolonged trousers. The man’s face was discreetly hidden behind a face masks.
Upon his entry, the person insinuated that he was there to collect the month-to-month store rent. To show an intensive check, he questioned Rattanakorn in regards to the whereabouts of the store owner. On receiving the confirmation that the proprietor wasn’t current on the premises, the stranger sought if there existed any proof of an appointment with the proprietor.
Playing his part convincingly, the scammer staged a bogus phone dialog, detailing the falsely conceived hire specifics with the supposed owner. This ingenious act prompted Rattanakorn to commence the preparation of the demanded sum, seemingly satisfied in regards to the legitimacy of the request.
However, as luck would have it, the authentic proprietor known as up the store exactly at that second. Seizing the chance, Rattanakorn queried about any lease dues for the present day. Overhearing the discussion, the person realised that the store worker was communicating with the actual owner. Panicked, he hurriedly bolted from the shop, leaving empty-handed.
Rattanakorn admitted to not having a transparent recollection of the man’s face. Little-known lodged a grievance with the native Pattaya police, sharing the CCTV recordings of the unsettling incident. He pertinently warned his fellow staff and shopkeepers to stay vigilant in such situations and to verify with the proprietor before continuing with any abrupt payments demanded by unfamiliar people, reviews The Pattaya News..

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