Loei pageant subsequent week options international masks

The northeastern province of Loei is set to host a global masks competition from March 17 to 19. The pageant will showcase the cultural attractions of the province that borders Laos. Organisers hope to show guests the charming ambiance and vibrant colors of Loei on the three-day event.
Naga courtyard will host the opening ceremony on March 17 at 6pm. Premiere is positioned within the Kut Pong Public Park. Carnival masks from seven Asian international locations – Cambodia, China, Laos, the Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand – shall be highlighted in a parade.
In addition, visitors can witness the “Masks of Three Ghosts” efficiency that embodies Loei’s cultural id. These embrace Phi Ta Khon, Phi Khan Nam, and Phi Bung Tao.
The Phi Ta Khon serves as a way of displaying respect to the spirits of ancestors. The costumes are made up of masks and clothes manufactured from bamboo steamers and cloth remnants are sewn collectively. The masks are intricately painted to look humorous and scary, with lengthy, pointed noses manufactured from wood and horns made from dried coconut husks.
The masks known as Phi Khan Nam, which bear a resemblance to buffalo heads, are crafted from wood sourced from cotton and milkwood trees. Intricate and historic patterns are painted onto these masks. They symbolize a furry water ghost.
In distinction, Phi Bung Tao is a massive mask created using gourds and is mounted atop flags woven within the conventional style.
Light and sound shows, outside water curtains, and musical fountains may even be displayed, adding color and pleasure to the festival. And for the Instagram technology, there will be designated areas for pictures with two- and three-dimensional street art and vibrant three ghosts masked characters.
Finally, no competition is full with out meals stalls. The market in Loei will characteristic native cuisine, fusion meals, cooking demonstrations, cultural merchandise, regionally woven materials, and materials tailor-made particularly for worldwide vacationers. Additionally, a strolling street shall be set up to show Thai artwork and offer souvenir handicrafts on the market.
The Office of Contemporary Art and Culture in Loei and the Ministry of Culture have organised the mask competition. Tourism Authority of Thailand, Rajabhat University, and Loei’s municipality additionally aided in hosting the event. Other contributors from the provincial government embody the cultural office, the chamber of commerce, and the cultural council.
The highlight of the three-day occasion might be seeing and studying concerning the three ghosts tradition of the Loei locals. Phi Ta Khon is believed to be a way of summoning the spirits of the ancestors, who’re believed to have become guardian angels of the city and could bless the earth with fertility or curse it with famine..

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