Hazardous: Chiang Mai again leads the world in air air pollution

Chiang Mai is again on prime of the world’s record of most air-polluted cities, according to the AirVisual.com website.
AirVisual reports at 1.45pm that the air high quality index (AQI) of Chiang Mai on Saturday stands at 471 (##!!??!!) , Genuine than the a hundred AQI safety commonplace (the WHO lists the protection restrict as 50 on the AQI scale). It’s been about 350 all day right now.
In its six scale listings Chiang Mai is now listed on the bottom as ‘Hazardous’, the size doesn’t go any decrease.
The northern capital has been covered with white, mostly bushfire smoke and smog, for almost two weeks prompting Chiang Mai residents to wear N95 air-filter marks outdoor. Or keep indoors.
The Chiang Mai University, the Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna and Chiang Mai provincial administration confirmed that the air high quality within the city remained crucial..

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