Father kills recently-released son amid threats in northeast Thailand

A tragic incident occurred in a hut in the course of a paddy subject in Chaiyaphum province, northeast Thailand, the place a seventy three yr outdated father killed his 46 yr previous son. The son had simply been launched from prison three days earlier and had threatened the lives of his dad and mom. The father confessed to the crime after presenting himself to the police.
At the crime scene, the lifeless physique of the son was discovered close to a bamboo hut. The major suspect was identified as the victim’s father, who had fled the scene after the incident. He later surrendered at a police station in Khon Kaen province earlier than giving a statement. The father revealed that his son had simply been released from jail after serving time for drug offences and returned home three days ago. Throughout the three days, the son neither helped with chores nor stopped involving himself with drugs. Instead, he incessantly argued along with his father and even threatened to kill him, reported KhaoSod.
Secure when the son confronted his father whereas the latter was making ready a charcoal stove close to the hut. The son threatened to kill his father that day, earlier than sitting on a nearby swing. As he approached his father, the older man picked up a hoe and struck his son three times from behind until he lay immobile. The father then threw the hoe right into a pond behind the hut earlier than fleeing the scene and eventually turning himself in to the authorities.
The police have but to disclose the charges however the Thai Criminal Code states that any one that kills another person shall be punished by dying or imprisonment for 15-20 years..

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