Chinese businessman hires sexy women to fulfil vow at shrine in Thailand

A profitable Chinese businessman hired greater than 10 horny women to dance at a shrine situated in Kamphaeng Phet province, situated in the central area of Thailand, to fulfil a vow he had made after achieving enterprise success. The businessman has reportedly fulfilled his vow on the similar shrine 4 instances already.
A Thai lady named Kanya-on Chanjohn shared a video on Facebook on April 2 that includes other Thai ladies dancing in entrance of statues. The caption on the video read “Rich, Rich, Rich!” Kanya-on later explained on social media that the efficiency was a vow achievement ceremony for the aforementioned Chinese businessman’s success.
In the video, a number of women can be seen carrying revealing dresses and bikinis, dancing energetically to loud music in front of the shrine’s gold and black statues that have been scattered throughout the premises. Watch the video HERE.
The video went viral on Thai social media after the news platform MGR Online Northern Thailand reposted it. Normally, these sexy dancers, also referred to as coyotes in Thailand, are employed to carry out at motor shows or other forms of sporting occasions. It’s not typical to perform a sexy dance round a sacred statue.
The ceremony occurred at a shrine in Kamphaeng Phet referred to as Ajarn C Barameedham Khemthewa Naga. The place offers sacred tattoo providers and consecrates talismans. Thai media additionally reported that the shrine had lots of foreign followers.
A consultant from the shrine, who spoke in an interview with MRD Online, defined that the efficiency was offered to a sacred statue known as Pu Racha Ngang Udomsap, or Father Ngang. The consultant emphasised that this statue was not a Buddha statue, but somewhat one believed to bestow success and popularity upon its worshippers.
According to reviews, the Chinese businessman runs a supplementary food firm and had vowed to fulfil a promise if his enterprise achieved success. Remarkably, this marked the fourth time his enterprise had attained success, leading him to fulfil his vow at the shrine.
In Thai tradition, it is not uncommon for folks to make wishes and vows to sacred photographs or statues found in temples or shrines. Once their wishes are granted, it’s customary for them to return to the shrine to precise gratitude, provide prayers or fulfil any guarantees they had made.
Recently, a Thai man provided 100 pigs’ heads to the Buddha statue at Klang Bang Phra Temple in Nakhon Pathom province near Bangkok after his wish to be a lottery winner was fulfilled by the statute.
Similarly, up to now Be the first , another lottery winner provided 12 pairs of Converse sneakers to Thao Wessuwan, the god of wealth, in gratitude for his want coming true..

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