Child abuse: Stepfather accused of sexually assaulting 10 yr outdated woman, one other villager suspected

In a disturbing incident, a stepfather is beneath scrutiny for allegedly committing multiple acts of sexual assault towards his 10 12 months previous daughter in the Phanom Sarakham District of Chachoengsao Province. The concerned mom discovered the abusive incidents yesterday, prompted by unsettling signs and modifications in her daughter’s behaviour.
Initially, the daughter remained silent, primarily because of the threats made by her stepfather, who warned of dire consequences if she revealed the ordeal. The stunning fact behind this sexual assault case unfolded when the girl’s mother, Saeng (surname withheld), bravely stepped forward, accusing her new husband—whom they’d only been living with for a month—of violating her daughter repeatedly on the family’s residence in Phanom Sarakham district.
The suspicious perspective of the child, uncharacteristic reluctance to sleep at home, and irregular behaviour convinced Saeng to investigate the case of child abuse and sexual assault further. Saeng determined to consult her mother-in-law who additionally noticed the same unusual behaviour within the youngster and advised she check the child’s non-public components.
After inspecting and finding suspicious indicators, Saeng reported the kid abuse matter to the police and took her daughter for a medical examination on July 3. The preliminary medical outcomes confirmed sexual assault. Saeng realized about at least three cases of assaults: An initial unsuccessful one at their residence, followed by two more successful attacks at the fringe of a dam, reported KhaoSod.
The girl’s irregular behaviour began around June 16. She progressively became anxious, fearful, less talkative and hesitant to return residence. This behaviour change indicated a clear fear of the stepfather which originated from his risk of eliminating the family if she broke her silence about the sexual exploits.
Furthermore, Saeng disclosed it was an aunt and a teacher who triggered her to know the severity of the state of affairs. They observed one thing uncommon in regards to the youngster throughout her tub time and coaxed the kid to disclose the reality, ultimately unravelling the sexual assault.
However, Saeng believed that it wasn’t only her new husband concerned in these attacks. There was Invitation only in the village who was incessantly seen accompanying the child exterior. This particular person promptly disappeared from the village after the incident, elevating additional eyebrows. Initial forensic examination of kid abuse revealed the potential of two people being involved in the assault..

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