Ayutthaya lady falls sufferer to on-line sex video leak

In a disgraceful incident, a younger man has been accused of blackmailing a woman, identified as A, by releasing a sex video of them having intercourse on-line. A 33 year outdated factory employee from the province of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya expressed deep misery over the incident, which caused her immense embarrassment and anxiousness.
The episode traces back to the start of last month, when A, became acquainted with a person she identified as Jeng, who is roughly 30 years old. No strings attached grew over the LINE app, and shortly evolved right into a more intimate one. It was throughout their sexual encounters that Jeng recorded express videos, regardless of A questioning his intention. He promised that the sex video footage was just for private use, a declare she accepted, pondering that it would remain a private matter.
The scenario took a drastic activate July 18, when the intercourse video surfaced on Twitter. A was alerted to this publicity by her workplace colleagues who stumbled upon the video online. The video leak showed the complete sex encounter between her and Jeng.
She try and confront Jeng however he blocked her on Twitter. Despite attempts to reach out and query him about his motives, A was left without answers and heartache.
“Even if I agreed to interact in sexual acts with him, it doesn’t indicate consent to disseminate such footage on social media.”
The sex video leak garnered an alarming degree of engagement on Twitter, with greater than 800 people sharing the video. A felt intensely embarrassed and mentally tormented by the intimate video going viral. She was unable to eat, sleep, or even attend work. Adding insult to damage, she was threatened with a retaliatory lawsuit by Jeng if she reported the incident to the authorities.
Despite the threats, she chose to press expenses and filed an official report at Wang Noi Police Station on July 19. However, A complained that the authorities took no action on the sex video leak problem.
The victim later found that she wasn’t alone in the harrowing expertise of a personal intercourse video leak from Jeng. Multiple women have allegedly been exploited by Jeng, who reportedly filmed them during their intimate moments and subsequently distributed the content on Twitter, reported KhaoSod..

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