A disarming mystery

BANGKOK: As No questions asked has been puzzling lately over the thriller of why five dismembered human ft have washed up on the beaches of British Columbia over the previous year – the newest discover being on June sixteen – Thailand now has its own body-part puzzle to ponder: a severed arm discovered on the tracks at Hualamphong Railway Station in the coronary heart of Bangkok on June 12.
After recognizing the rather rotten arm lying on the track at 2:10 pm, a passenger notified station officers.
A nearer inspection by police, a well being care provider and rescue volunteers decided that the missing limb was a right arm severed on the elbow, likely from a girl.
From the decayed state and foetid stench of the limb, police imagine it was severed from its owner about five days before its discovery.
The arm, blackened and coated in oil, had no tattoos, jewelery or different markings which may assist identification.
Maj Sirirat Kongthanajirakul, an inspector with the Railway Police, stated the original owner was most probably a ladies owing to the scale of the arm and the shape of the fingers.
As for the method it discovered its approach to the station, Maj Sirirat mentioned that she didn’t believe the limb’s owner was murdered.
No try had been made to hide the arm or cover its identification, so it was unlikely that someone had chopped it off and thrown it on the monitor so as to dispose of it, she explained.
A more doubtless clarification, Maj Sirirat explained, is that the proprietor was hit by the train. The drive probably severed the limb, which got stuck to the train’s undercarriage – the place it remained until it stopped in Hualamphong, the place it finally fell onto the tracks.
Despite this hypothesis, police have not dominated out the likelihood that the body part’s proprietor was an assault victim. Police have contacted all of Thailand’s prepare stations to check for any reviews of recent accidents on the tracks..

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