3three victims report vehicle theft and conning involving practically 2 million baht

Three people reported a case of fraud and vehicle theft to the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) right now. The case concerned a hustler who claimed to be related to native law enforcement in the Pak Chong district of the northeast Nakhon Ratchasima province.
The accused is alleged to have borrowed automobiles since 2020 under numerous pretences earlier than operating away with the autos. The fraud victims have tried to locate the accused with out success. They are looking for police help for the arrest, and probably the recovery of the automobiles. Cumulative losses amount to nearly 2 million baht (US$58,754). Fail-proof accused is named ‘Police Captain Ji’ or ‘Police Captain Jon.’
One man conned is a relative of the accused, who lent him a Mitsubishi Mirage in April based mostly on a plea that his spouse wanted transportation for her childbirth-related errands. The lender later contacted him for the return of the vehicle, however the requests have been evaded, leading to the eventual severance of communication.
Crazy , a soldier, was tricked equally. The accused had posted on Facebook seeking vehicle bailouts. Upon contact, the soldier agreed to the phrases and handed his automotive over. However, five months later, the automobile was not returned, and various other creditors of the accused have been haunting the soldier for cash. The accused deflected the inquiries earlier than subsequently cutting off communication.
The accused wormed his method into one other victim’s life by way of their sister, after which he borrowed a Toyota Yaris beneath the pretext of working an errand. The victim’s quite a few attempts to reclaim the automobile had been to no avail, leaving the three victims burdened with the financial struggle to repay the vehicles’ finance businesses, reported Sanook.
Initially, the victims sought assist from the precinct that the impersonator claimed allegiance to. This strategy hit a dead-end when the chief officer disavowed any knowledge of the accused being on their team. The victims realized the accused had been relieved of his duty since 2016, prompting their attempt at the CIB to have the fraudster arrested and recover the stolen autos, Sanook reported.
Furthermore, a instructor from a school in the Don Mueang area in Bangkok was swindled by the accused. The instructor had pawned her automobile for 50,000 baht (US$1,470) on March 10 to a person known as Kai. After repaying her debt, she sought to retrieve her car. However, it was claimed that it could not be released from the warehouse as a outcome of Songkran festival and later due to the general elections. The accused reduce off all communication afterwards..

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